Home Features Marie Lozano gustong libutin ang Pilipinas

Marie Lozano gustong libutin ang Pilipinas


Imbes na out of the country, mas gusto ngayon ni ABS-CBN lifestyle reporter Marie Lozano na makita kung anong magagandang tourist spot sa Pilipinas.

Tila sobrang nag-enjoy si Lozano sa five-day escapade nito sa Boracay, dahilan para maengganyo itong libutin ang bansa.

“I’ve just spent 5 amazing days at @thelindhotels,” ayon kay Lozano.

“Now, I’m throwing my hat in the ring! The challenge is to find the next best local destination. My next foreign travel has just been postponed and I really excited to see what the Philippines has to offer. Where do you suggest I Go next?”


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