Pinky Webb channeled her best version of composure while talking to visibly upset Presidential spokeperson Harry Roque.

In an interview on CNN Philippines, Webb asked a reaction from Roque regarding a challenge of UP professor Danny Arao to denounce the letter of Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana terminating the UP-DND Accord.

But it seemed like Roque was irked by the question of Webb, calling out the CNN Philippines anchor to be fair.

“I think the question on Arao was unfair. In the first place why am I duty bound to follow anything that professor Arao says. You were wrong. You were implying as if I had to follow what Danny Arao has said. What is the basis for that? You were going beyond asking for my reaction,” said Roque.

Webb defended her question and explained that she was merely referring to a tweet by Arao.

“Just to be very clear about it: it was a tweet that I read and I asked for your reaction if you would denounce it,” said Webb.

After a few verbal exchange, Webb drops the now famous hair flip that made the netizens praise the anchor.

Even veteran reporter Jeff Canoy was amazed by the move of Webb.

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