Home Features Sakit gumanti! Korina Sanchez calls a basher ‘panget’

Sakit gumanti! Korina Sanchez calls a basher ‘panget’


Trolls would have a hard time trying to bring down TV5 journalist Korina Sanchez.

On Instagram, the ‘Rated Korina’ host shows her support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris after the two won the 2020 US election, making them the president-elect and vice president-elect of America.

But it was not received well even by Filipinos as some went on to criticize Korina for his choice of US president.

One basher was noticed by Korina accusing her of going under the knife after a car accident.

β€œBakit ka binitawan ni Noynoy? Dahil ba sa plastic surgery ng face mo after your car accident?” said the basher.

Korina then proceeded to burn the netizen with a sassy response.

β€œBaket ang panget mo? Dahil ba panget din ang parents mo?” asked Korina.


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