Halloween approached early for Raffy Tulfo as he encountered an out of the normal experience after their episodes regarding the female ghost on their temporary studio.

On one of his Youtube videos, Idol Raffy shared a story on their home after a shooting regarding their television on his room.

According to the public affairs host, he noticed that his television was switched on when he entered his room, which was odd because her helpers doesn’t go to the said space whenever he is not around.

When he asked the helpers about it, they denied on turning on the television, but Tulfo just ignored it and left.

But this was not the last time it happened, as another instance while he and his wife, Jocelyn, was sleeping, he was awakened by the sound of their television.

What’s more sinister about the experience was the Netflix show that was being aired was a horror movie.

That’s when Tulfo decided to call the technician of the brand new TV and inform them about the ‘glitch’, but they said it was the first time that they have heard of their television suddenly switching on by itself.

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