News5 was criticized for picking up a viral Facebook post regarding a learning module from the Department of Education about a blind carabao finding a sack of rice.

On the said post that was shared by Oj Trance, it implied that there is something wrong with the module for saying that the carabao found the rice even if it was blind.

The comment section was bombarded by netizens who said that there is nothing wrong with the module and called out News5 for sharing the said post.

Paolo Capino, a columnist for Daily Tribune, said that the staff of News5 should apologize to the persons with disability (PWD) community for pushing the said issue.

“The premise is that the carabao is blind and the issue being pushed by News 5 is that because the carabao is blind, he will not be able to see a sack of rice. First of all, the module clearly states that the black carabao was “found”. The module didn’t say it was “Seen”,” Capino said in a tweet.

He also described the post as “News 5’s attempt at humor is a poor correlation with the popular sentiment of netizens attacking DEPED modules.”

On a separate thread, Capino said that with News5 not deleting the controversial post, it is violating the Republic Act 9442 or the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons.

“As an ordinary citizen and a member of the PWD community, I may have to take that news organization to task in a court of law,” added Capino,

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