Photojournalist Ezra Acayan was disgusted by a predatory practice made by GMA-7 when it comes to asking for pictures without pay.

On his Facebook post, the Getty Images photographer scolded the network for wanting free photos on the recent Typhoon Ulysses for one of their programs.

But GMA-7 did not offer any compensation and only assured proper courtesy for the photos.

“Your programs that have ‘local and international airing’ with ‘online platforms and multiple replays’ make millions, so why can’t you offer to pay photographers?” said Acayan.

He also said that their profession requires too much resources for equipments, expenses and the danger to produce pictures.

“Madaming photographer abonado na tapos kakarampot lang bayad sakanila, tapos kayo gusto niyo free lang?” he added. “This predatory practice has to end.”

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